How To Find Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV In 5 Minutes

Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV
Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV

Learn to find Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV in just 5 minutes. This easy guide will show you the best way to program your remote and enjoy your TV.

Is having more than one remote control for both your DirecTV receiver and Phillips TV getting you frustrated? Would you like to have a single remote that can operate these two devices thus simplifying your home’s entertainment system? That is what this article aims at discussing.

I will be showing you how to find and program Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV in just five minutes. How To Use A Universal Remote Or DirecTV Remote On A Philips TV; that is something you are going to be taught. Gone are those days when searching for the right remote or code for your television brand and model was that difficult.

Use these steps below to enjoy using one remote control on both your DirecTV and Philips TVs. This article provides Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV together with a step-by-step manual on how to enter them into the device.

In addition, this section also includes some troubleshooting tips which help solve any problems you may encounter in between. Then we should be good enough by now, to use our directV remotes over our philips’ televisions which saves lots of our time as well as headaches when it comes down on it. Let us get started!

List of DirecTV Remote Codes for Philips TV

You might want a single remote control that can control both the direct tv receiver and the philips tv. In doing this, it becomes easier for one to watch their favorite programs without flipping different channels with several remotes. How do I obtain Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV?

Don’t worry about it, we will walk you through every bit of it. The above paragraph presents a 03, 04 & 05 digit list of various models of Philips televisions from the official DirecTV website.

Furthermore, it also indicates the steps through which an individual can know or get his/her model number if he/she does not have it.

Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV
Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV
TV Model 3-digit code 4-digit code 5-digit code
Philips HDTV 129 1129 11394
Philips TV 004 1004 10054
Philips DVD 032 2032 2156
Philips Audio 006 4006 6047
Philips Amplifier 047 6047 N/A
Philips VCR 016 3016 3160
Philips Receiver Tuner 000 5000 5112

For one who wants to establish something similar about his/her Philips set, do not worry because you can either refer to your user manual or look at a sticker found on the back of your television. 

The model number of Philips sets such as 32PFL3506/F7 is often a combination of letters and numbers with a letter coming first before other symbols. You can find out what model your TV is and other important information from the Phillips support website using the serial number.

This paragraph guides you to easily locate Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV and how to program them. Stay tuned in our next section where we will show you how you can program the codes by use of universal or DirecTV remote.

Instructions for Programming a DirecTV Remote to Your Philips TV

But how do I program them? Don’t worry, just follow these easy steps! In this paragraph, I am going to show you two methods that are used when programming your DirecTV remote into your Philips TV; the new Genie remote and lastly white remote.

The TV code that matches your model should have been obtained in the last paragraph. Make sure your remote has a new battery and make sure your TV is turned on.

Method 1: For the new Genie remote,

  • Press MUTE plus ENTER buttons simultaneously until two lights flash from green to another one green light.
  • Using key button numbers, put in a five-figures code for Philips TV. The green light will blink twice more if the process has gone well.
  • Now you can point it at your set then click on POWER; when it switches off, fine and if not pick another number or repeat these processes

Method 2: For the old white remote,

  • Move the MODE switch to position the marked TV on your control pad.
  • It’s about pressing MUTE with SELECT keys in order to view double green lights blinking.
  • Then input a 5-digit number using those numeric keys on your RC. Green light will flicker twice again showing that code went through successfully.
  • Now direct your controller towards the television set and press its POWER button; if after this action it turns off, great, all others are wrong numbers or you should start over again.

To fix these problems when none of the codes works or no response from my RC:

  • Ensure that my controller is in the right mode to work with my TV models
  • Make sure my RC is not far away from my television or blocked by anything else
  • My TV must never be in a standby situation or muted
  • For this, reset it by holding down MUTE + SELECT together for five seconds as prompted by monitor read out instructions.
  • To know more or get help refer to their website or call Directv service support team directly.

We hope that this paragraph helps you program your DirecTV remote to work with Philips TVs so that you can enjoy watching any movie anytime. In addition, we will share some tips on how to use them better and easier next time in further sections.

Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV
Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV

Benefits of Using a Single Remote for Both Devices

Do you want to have a home theater without multiple remotes? Do you want to do away with the time wasting, space occupation and frustrations that come with using one remote for your DirecTV receiver and another one for your Philips TV?

To do this, find Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV and input them into your remote. This will explain how having only one remote control that works on both devices can make life easier and more enjoyable. Some of the reasons why a single device should be used for two gadgets are as follows:

  • One button swap between devices saves time and effort. No searching any longer which is the right device or input. Press MODE on your remote, select the device you are currently using. Macros can also be helpful in running complicated actions by pressing just once key, such as turning on the television set along with the sound system plus cable box at once.
  • There should be one gaugeable device on the table or sofa, and this will limit confusion and clutter. No more mix up or lose remote controls ever again. Therefore, you do not need to spend on batteries anymore also because there is only one button in the remote which performs all at once. Moreover, it allows you to change universal gadget settings such as volume buttons.
  • These features and functions of DirecTV can be used in tandem with its Philips TV equivalent part that necessitated them. The DIREC TV program guide is accessed by pressing GUIDE while MENU permits access into DirecTV settings also INFO displays information about what one is viewing There is an EXIT key which helps out quitting any menu or guide among others. The commuter keys like back, forward, left, right and SELECT buttons help navigate through the DTV interface.

This consequently makes our homes convenient for entertainment by using a single tool that does both jobs only at home. You only need to find the Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV and program them to your remote control unit. Read the next paragraph for some simple steps on how to do this.

Common Problems and Solutions for DirecTV Remote Codes for Philips TV

You know how to locate and enter the Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV, but what if things go wrong? Well don’t panic; we’ve got your back.

In this paragraph we are going to say a few words about common issues faced by users with use of DirecTV remote codes for Philips tv.

Also we have a couple solutions here and some tips on how to fix these problems provided below.. Given below are some common problems as well as their answers regarding DirecTV remote codes for Philips tv:

  • It may be that no matter what you try, your remote cannot control your television at all since you could have typed incorrect codes or they may not necessarily match exact model type provided by respective manufacturers; therefore see if one of those from list can help or just try code search option by using remote. Check if the mode switch on your remote is set to TV in case you have no success with any of these alternatives.
  • While it could be possible with some limitations within certain areas such as those programmed into this specific television’s model number besides other similar variables, that may be why some buttons are working partially yet others not; therefore in order to get what has disappeared from your device, play around with settings on TV and reprogram any of them again so that they function as before. Or, choose a different one from the list above or use code search method involving entering several ones into its memory and pushing a button provided with original including all others too while programming it.
  • The remote stops after a time, which means batteries inside are dying out very quickly rendering it useless hence users may want another set replacing their current worn out pair before confirming about this point; therefore please make sure both sensors are cleaned properly (including dust) between two components – DVD player & television set for example – then remove anything obstructing them carefully because upon returning home where there might well be some dirt available somewhere nearby outside even though we need to take everything off first followed by safely throwing away these parts until one finds an exact answer.

If none of these solutions work, contact DirecTV customer service or visit their website for more help. You can also share your experiences and suggestions in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you and help you out.

In case there are issues associated with these Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV, this paragraph offers profound assistance! Be sure to check back soon as we wrap up this article with some concluding thoughts and advice in the next section.


So that’s all regarding ways on how to get Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV & install them. I hope that this post was interesting and informative for you guys? Well, now imagine how easy it is when one has only one remote which operates both his direct receiver and philips tv at once without delay!.

Therefore, depending on different models of Philips TVs, where they have been programmed using two methods, any hitch may occur thereafter. Furthermore, some advantages and features have been discussed herein regarding using one remote control for both machines.

Finally, I hope that now this article has brought so much value to most readers here today? Okay if so then just type any comment or question right inside the box below such that I can make it be of help to your needs. Thanks for the time and interest in my post. Watch well!

Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV
Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV

Frequently Asked Questions Of Direct TV Remote Codes For Philips TV

Q1: How do I program my DIRECTV remote to my Phillips TV?

Ans: Programming your DirecTV remote to your Philips TV is simple and fast. All you need are the Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV and a few simple steps. Your remote may allow you to use either a 5-digit code or code search feature to enter the codes depending on what type it is.

This article has a list of codes as well as programming instructions. You can control both your DirecTV receiver and your Philips TV with one button after programming your remote.

Q2: What is the code number for Philips TV?

Ans: The Philips TV has a code number, which is either 3, 4, or 5 digits long that will allow your universal or DirecTV remote to be programmed for the TV. The code number depends on the specific model and make of your TV though. This article goes by the Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TV.

You may also use the search feature to identify the correct code on your remote. Thus you can use one remote for controlling both your DirecTV receiver and your television set from Philips.

Q3: How do you connect a remote to a Philips TV?

Ans: To connect a remote to a Philips TV is easy and convenient. These Direct TV Remote Codes for Philips TVs are available in the form of universal remotes or those produced by DirectTV. The codes as well as programming information can be found here.

Also at times you just have to use the search function under codes on your remote control so that it automatically finds all possible codes. After connecting the latter with your television set, enjoy all features integrated in DirecTV’s Remote Control compatible with any of these models manufactured by Philip.

Q4: How do I program my DIRECTV remote without the code?

Ans: If you don’t know the code for your Philips TV, then use the below steps in order to program your DirecTV remote control even without it. Searching for code feature atomizer on the remote can save you many hassles if at all this process doesn’t produce results.

Look at how this function works in this piece of writing. Or else, try resetting by holding down MUTE and SELECT button simultaneously for five seconds, followed by prompts appearing on screen afterwards. Call Direc TV Customer Service or visit its homepage in case the methods outlined did not work out in any way for you.

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